Mr Squirrel

Playing with Fire

Bug Invasion

One of original ants from Toy Joy.

Sunny Side Up


How Mean Can You Get?

File this under “how mean you can get”? Picture this: A puppy tethered to a pole with a short leash in 32 degrees weather with no food or water for several hours. When approached, the owners had lame excuses.

Lost in the Pines

Huntsville State Park, TX

Road Less Traveled

Hill Country State Natural Area, TX

Room for Rent


Fence Art

Portland, OR

Valentine Perennial

River View

The Columbia River Gorge seen from the Washington side.

Cactus Rose

Award from the Caruso Rose 100 mile trail race.

Little Guy

For several year I’ve been watching this little plant (about 1/2″ tall) grow in a chunk of granite. Big freeze coming and I had to capture if before it’s too late.

Cool Succulent

Echeveria Carnicolor


Bar-O Ranch brand embedded in stone pillars of original cattle guard.


Bar-O Cattle Guard at Hill Country State Natural Area.

Home Sweet Home

Boyles Outbuilding @ Hill Country State Natural Area.


Barn at Boyles.

Red Roof

Remains of a red roof on another of Boyle's out-buildings.

Flamingos Everywhere

A surprise for Dano!

Ready for Action

Fire Station #12, Austin, TX.


Morning at Tacodeli

Hanging Around

Travel Time!

New Ride


Verbesina virginica L., aka Frostweed.

Frostweed -- Closeup

Verbesina virginica L., aka Frostweed.

Devil's Hall

Snowy day in Devil's Hall -- Guadalupe Mountains National Park


Snow in the Guads

Mexican Martini

Zandunga Mexican Bistro. Sad to see them close.

For the Birds

Here's are some my favorite bird pics taken over the years.

Summer Road trip 2012

Highlights from our 2012 summer road trip. A few of the photos are a bit over saturated, but thats the way it goes.

Boquillas del Carman, Mexico ~ 2014

During our visit to Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park we learn that the border was once again open for visits to Boquillas del Carman, Mexico. With passports in hand we just had to go over.

Alamo Mountain, NM ~ 2014

We set out on an adventure to find the pictographs on Alamo Mountain. Both the hand drawn map & directions we were given were a tad sketchy, but after a few missed turns we found them.